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Flora and Fauna in the Lake District

The Lake District is a region renowned for its stunning lakes, rugged mountains, and lush green valleys. Beyond its breath-taking scenery, the National Park is also home to a diverse array of flora and fauna, making it a haven for nature enthusiasts and wildlife lovers alike. 

If you are lucky enough to visit the region this spring or summer, you will be blown away by the vast array of wildlife hiding with the misty mountains and lurking in the deep waters.  Why not take a walk a little slower and look a little harder in order to spot some the Cumbria’s most iconic natural sights.

Bluebells: In springtime, bluebells carpet the woodland floors, creating a mesmerizing display of colour beneath the canopy of trees.

Heather: The hills of the Lake District are adorned with heather during the summer months, transforming the fellsides with vibrant flowers. 
Bracken: Providing shelter for various wildlife species, the humble bracken is a vital plant for the little beasties living within the woodlands and crags.

Oak and Ash: Ancient oak and ash woodlands scatter the countryside, offering a perfect habitat for a range of animals and plant life including precious mosses, ferns and lichens.

Sphagnum Moss: The peat bogs of Cumbria are covered in a thick, rich layer of this special moss, playing a vital role in regions delicate ecosystem.

Herbaceous Perennials: Its impossible not to notice the swathes of meadowsweet, ragged robin and marsh marigolds thriving in the damp meadows and riversides throughout the National Park.
Red Deer: Keep an eye out for the majestic red deer that call the mountains their home. Dusk and dawn you might spot one of the antlered beasts strolling through the heather or darting through the woods.

Red Squirrel: These incredible and rare little animals can be seen throughout the Lake District’s woodlands. Keep your eyes peeled as your drive through quieter areas around Grizedale and Grasmere – one might just jump out and surprise you!
Ospreys: Each spring, these regal birds return to the Lakes for breeding season. You can visit bird reserves and watch closely as they dip and dive into the waters for fish.
Badgers: Mysterious, strong, and brave creatures, Badger sets are hidden deep in woodlands and embankments throughout Cumbria. Keep an eye out at dusk as they creep out in search of dinner.

Otters: Spotted frequently along riverbanks and lakes, these fun little animals can be seen hunting for fish or playing in the water.

Visitors to the Lake District have the privilege of seeing animals and plant life in their natural habitats. As custodians, we all have a role to play in protecting special places for wildlife, and generations to come. Why not pay a visit to one of the parks many National Trust or Wildlife Trust sights and contribute to their fantastic efforts in caring for this special place.

Image by Yoksel Zok, Unsplash


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