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Seven Signs of Spring in the Lake District

There is a fresh new feeling in the air this week. The morning commute is starting a look a lot greener, and shoots are reaching up through the muddy ground. The forest floors are littered with the sleepy heads of snow drops. 
We’ve put together a little list of seven signs of spring to keep an eye out for whilst visiting this beautiful county.

1. Daffodils

Synonymous with William Wordsworth and the epitome of English pastoral beauty, Daffodils are the Lake District’s most beloved flower. Crowding the banks of the countries roads and lining the shores of our lakes, they make the ground shine with spring happiness.

2. Lambs

Nothing is more cheerful than the site of spring lambs. Bounding across the mossy fields and clambering atop dry-stone walls, shouting out for their mothers and siblings. The fells will soon become busy with young Herdwicks, wondering amongst crags and streams to shelter from the morning dew. Keep an eye out for these sprightly fellows whilst rambling across ancient pathways. 

3. Snow-capped mountains

Spring may be arriving on the ground, but up on the high fells, winter still grips the mountain tops. The highest peaks will remain dusted with an icing sugar-like sprinkling of snow for a few more weeks. These glimmering white crags are a sign of the changing seasons and a tempting destination for any explorer still seeking a chilly thrill.

4. Cloud in-versions

Nothing beats a cloud inversion over the stunning Lake Windermere. This miraculous illusion happens when the ground temperature is lower than the air higher up. This caused the clouds to sink into the lower areas, such as valleys, and coat the ground in a thick, milky, mist. Viewed from above, this makes for incredible views where the lake and villages disappear, and it feels like you could walk out onto the clouds.  

Head outside and get high up early in the morning this month for the best chance of seeing this magical occurrence.

5. Starlings

Just as the sun starts to sink below the horizon, and the sky is streaked with pink, keep your eyes peeled for the murmuration’s of starlings as they begin their migrations back to northern Europe. These gorgeous little birds can be seen in flocks of hundreds, filling the air with their chatter and dancing in the evening skies as they make their way home.

6. Blue skies

What better way to say goodbye to those winter blues than the arrival of blue skies. We have had some stunning bluebird days recently in the Lakes and this is most definitely a sign of a great spring to come, and an even greater summer. It is impossible not to feel lighter and more positive when the sky is erupting with sparkling blue and bright sunshine.

7. Lighter nights

 The sun is staying present for our evenings. For those living in the Lake District, this means the after-work adventures can begin. For those visiting, it means longer days exploring and more time to enjoy the beer gardens and fellsides. So, order another ale, throw on another layer and enjoy the signs of spring arriving in this wonderful National Park.

Photo by Jonny Gios @ Unsplash


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